Buena Vida Cantina

Buena Vida Cantina is a toast to “The Good Life”. We are inspired by our travels to northern Mexico and beyond, where the eternal heartbeat of street food culture brings communities together. Buena Vida is for San Francisco, a place to gather in SOMA for a festive celebration of life.

Our amazingly talented and celebrated bar team brings you agave-based botanical libations with a twist. They are inspired by our mantra: fresh, seasonal ingredients that will always shine through to tantalize your palate.

Our signature farm-to-glass cocktails use only fresh, seasonal ingredients and our dynamic bar program offers a vast selection of the finest tequilas and mezcals, as well as a rotating selection of wines from across the globe.

We are here to serve our neighbors and support our community. Coming Soon: our Cantina will be open and ready to give you an escape, a social club where you are always welcome to enjoy Art, Festivities, tastings at Agave University, and much more. Sign up, come often, and be a part of our Cantina